Therapy Session

London Psychotherapists provides a safe, non judgmental space for you to be heard, understood, and accepted. The confidential settings allow us to explore and resolve personal needs, relationship issues, phobias and trauma related conditions. These may have recently developed, or have been experienced over a long time.


“I have been doing Counselling, Psychotherapy and Couples Counselling for over 36 years. I do both long term or short term Counselling and Psychotherapy. I am very flexible about the way I work, depending entirely on the needs of my clients. I am particularly interested in integrating the works of Freud, Jung and Melanie Klein. I feel a very lucky man, because I really enjoy my work: listening to and helping people with their emotional difficulties. I try to make sure that the consulting room provides a place of safety, where my clients can feel secure and able to express anything and everything they want.”
– Dr. Aslan Mordecai

“I trained as a Freudian, but see myself as a ‘Mongrel’. The individual client is much more relevant to me than a particular theory. I do believe however, that past experiences can colour our present lives in an extremely negative way and that children develop defences that are used in adulthood long past their “sell-by” date. To me, my little room is a safe place where people can share their present and earlier experiences and eventually let go of some of the resentments and fears that spoil their lives. As well as working with clients, I also love Supervising and doing therapy with Trainees. Currently I see people training as Counsellors at WPF and also students from various universities doing the BPS Chartered Counselling Psychology Course”
– Dr. Kay Mordecai

We can reassure you that whatever you mention in the consulting room, is always treated in the strictest confidence. Nothing you discuss in the session will ever leave the room.

Our fees range from £50 – £70 per session, depending on their frequency and ability to pay. However, on occasion, we do have a sliding scale if evidence can be shown of genuine financial hardship.

We do not charge for the initial session. You can then decide whether you would like to continue with us.