Feedback from some of our clients:

“Dear Aslan, Thank you so much for your help, guidance, and listening ears during the time I have been with you. In that time, I have gone from a nervous wreck to a confident, happier, more effective young man, who believes in his hopes and dreams for the future, and is a lot kinder to himself. My journey is far from over though – there is so much more I will be exploring about myself, others and life. I’ve learnt invaluable tools for this in our sessions. Massive thanks to you!”
– UN

“Dear Kay, I was in Venice last week and I saw this wonderful Veronese ceiling painting, “The Triumph of Mordecai”. I thought of you (which I often do).”
– ND

“Dear Dr Mordecai I don’t know how one deals with the process of ending therapy. I have wanted to say this orally, and face to face, but have not been able to. I think I’ll break down if I do. I am so hugely grateful for all your help, concern and above all, kindness, over the last few years. I will miss you greatly, and particularly your continued and immensely welcome focus on my children. They are far and away the most important things in my life and it has been wonderful that you have always understood and reinforced that. With warmest regards, wishes and immense gratitude,”
– SI

“Dear Kay, I just wanted you to let you know that I am OK and shining without you. Not that I don’t miss you, and I do think about you often. But I feel great and seem to be working things out well on my own. You have made an enormous difference to my life and I just want to say Thank You.”
– D

“Hi Aslan, I have not been in touch for many years now, but wanted to just drop a line to say hello. I often think of you and our work together, and draw on it regularly in guiding my daily life. Thank you for all the generous support you gave me over the years. I don’t think that the contentment of my family life or the promotion to my level at work would have been possible without your support. Many thanks for contributing to my life in this way. Warm wishes,”
– N

“Kay, Thank you so very much for helping me to discover/uncover a healthier, happier way of being me.”
– L